The Band

photo by: Coen Dekkers


In January of the year 2005, Mark Lubeek and Mollie van Beers decide to start writing their own songs. Mark has already been involved in several bands, with which he played on numerous stages and at different Dutch broadcast stations as the NCRV, VPRO and the VARA. Mollie has also had her share of experiences, singing in different cover-bands and musicals.

After meeting each other in a cover-band, they decide to get together. It turns out that they work very well together, and within a few weeks a number of songs have been fully finished acoustically. Eddie Neilson decides to take on the bass guitar, which was a very good choice, and within a short time a solid sound is created. Good grounds to work on!

In March of 2005 they decide it is time to expand the band and go into the practice room. Niels Vloemans, from the same cover-band, is approached to take on the drums. He is a very experienced drummer, whos played in bands like Iceparty, Krenny Lavitz and Ancient Mariners. After hearing a few songs, recorded acoustically in the living room, the choice is easily made. These songs have their own character. This could be something great.

The band is almost complete. In April/May of 2005, Mark suggests inviting a good friend along to play the electric guitar. Hans Glerum turns out to fit into the group very well and with his own distinct sound he is able to lift the songs to a higher level.

Big Fish is born.

In October/November the first demo is recorded at Emiel Zwaard Studio in Delft, Holland. Five songs are recorded with the full band. One extra song is recorded in the style of the early days of the band, with only acoustic guitar and vocals.


In February the demo is fully mixed.

In the meantime lots of new songs see the light of day. The music that Big Fish makes is not dependent on equipment or production. The songs are solid, even when performed with only the acoustic guitar and vocals. Big Fish not only rocks your socks of, but is even powerful in the most intimate songs.

Now its time for gigs! In June 2006 Big Fish played in a Youth Centre called the Trucker in Pijnacker. It was the first time ever that Big Fish was on stage and it was a great success. Everyone was enthusiastic and wanted to know when Big Fish would play again. Well, at the end of July, the band will play at one of the biggest rock-festivals of the Czech Republic. More information on this can be found on

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